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Newburgh . Beacon . Stewart Shuttle
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To: Grand Central Station From: Newburgh via Beacon
To: Newburgh From: Grand Central Station
To: Newburgh/Stewart Airport From: Grand Central Station
To: Grand Central Terminal From: Newburgh/Stewart Airport
White Plains Commuter Bus
To: White Plains
To: Poughkeepsie
Newburgh Local Service
Northside Route (North Pank Road Shop-Rite to Wal Mart)
Northside Route (Wal Mart to North Pank Rd. Shop-Rite)
Southside Route (Price Chopper/Eckerd Drug to Wal Mart)
Southside Route (Wal Mart to Price Chopper / Eckerd Drug)
Boradway Service (Eastbound) Stop & Shop to Broadway & Liberty
Broadway Service (Westbound) Broadway & Liberty to Walmartx
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