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The process begins with the selection. All applicants are required to complete an extensive employment application. Background checks are made with previous employers and other references. Those who pass this process are then fingerprinted and this information is forwarded to the New York State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for further examination.

Applicants completing this screening are then required to take a physical examination, which includes drug screening. Applicants who do not possess a current Commercial Drivers License are then provided extensive training monitored by our full time Safety Director. All applicants must successfully complete a defensive driving test and road test including a detailed pre trip inspection.

Driving assignments are made on the basis of experience. Our full time coach drivers have an average of over seven years experience with the company. Newer employees are usually assigned more local trips and wherever possible they are teamed with more experienced drivers on multi coach movements. Every year all drivers are required to pass another physical including drug screening, pass a defensive driving test and undergo a satisfactory review of their driving record, attitudes toward the customer, company and fellow employees. Every two years they must successfully complete another road test, pre trip inspection and related written tests. We also perform unannounced random drug and alcohol screening of our drivers, assuring 50% drug screening and 25% alcohol screening of the staff are so tested annually.

We have a Driver of the Month contest where each driver is gauged against an extensive list of criteria including safe driving and customer satisfaction. Finally, we utilize an on-board computer system called Tripmater on all of our motorcoaches, which monitors driver performance. So, if our driver is around the corner or in California, we know if the driver is performing safely. We believe this program of selection, training and ongoing monitoring is among the most extensive in the industry.

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The other critical element to physical safety is the motorcoach. First it is our practice to purchase only the very finest equipment available. Further we have a regular program of updating the fleet to keep it one of the youngest in the Northeast. Before every movement, each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out and a visual safety inspection is performed. Any safety related driver reported deficiencies are corrected before a unit is made available for use. The maintenance schedule based on miles run is strictly adhered to. At least every six months the New York State Department of Transportation performs an independent inspection of each of our vehicles. Additionally, the Federal Department of Transportation performs unannounced inspections or our vehicles, facilities and records. We enjoy the highest safety ratings issued by these regulatory bodies.

Leprechaun Lines - Charter Bus Rentals - Bus Rental - Charters


The Gallagher family has been in the bus business since 1934. Currently it is being operated by the second and third generations. We believe our reputation for fair and honest dealings has stood the test of time. We are fiscally conservative as we have reinvested throughout the years in our business resulting in a solid organization today. This, when all is said and done, is your surest guarantee of receiving a fair deal that you can rely on. We maintain insurance coverages that exceed the Interstate Commerce Commission’s required $5,000,000 limits.

In our tour operation where we provide additional services beyond transportation, such as accommodations, meals, attractions, etc. We also protect our customers in two significant ways. First, we maintain a professional travel errors and omissions policy that covers any problems associated with services to be provided by outside vendors. Additionally we, through membership in the National Tour Association, also assure reimbursements to customers up to specific amounts if our company were to go out of business.

We trust this brief overview gives you complete assurance concerning the integrity of Leprechaun. We have built our organization into the leading motorcoach provider in the Hudson Valley through strict adherence to these guiding principles and the loyal following of our customers.

Thank you for your patronage and should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us.